Shaving Towel 30×30 cm

  • Towel: 30×30 cm 40 Gr
  • Different weights can be produced
  • 30×30 White face towel.
  • Face towel is produced in high quality in accordance with industrial use.
  • Woven from 100% Cotton Yarn.
  • It has 100% Hydrophilic feature.
  • 16/1 Ring yarn is used in the weft, 20/2 (550laps) ring yarn is used on the ground and 20/2 (220laps) ring yarn is used in the towel.
  • All four sides are double stitched.
  • Production is made in the desired color and weight, with logo or plain.
  • If the instructions for use are followed, the product maintains its quality until the end of its economic life.

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