Hand and Face Towel 50×90 cm

  • This towel measures 50×90 cm. It’s available in three standard weights: 200g, 250g, and 300g. We can also produce it in different weights upon request.
  • Our Hand & Face Towel is made from 100% cotton. This ensures high quality and durability for industrial use. We weave it using 100% Cotton Yarn and it boasts a 100% Hydrophilic feature.
  • For weaving, we use 16/1 Ring yarn in the weft, 20/2 (550laps) ring yarn in the ground, and 20/2 (220laps) Ring yarn in the pile. To enhance durability, all four sides feature double stitching.
  • You can customize the product by choosing your preferred color and weight, with the option to add your logo or keep it plain.
  • By following the provided instructions for use, you can ensure that the product maintains its quality throughout its economic lifespan.

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