Operating Room Uniform V Collar

  • The fabric is 65% polyester 35% cotton.
  • V-neckline, front yoke, side slits, pocket edges with strong stitching.
  • To show the size number of the product, the size label is attached to the moldings, visible from the front and next to the brand label.
  • The pocket is at the level of the roba line and the brand label is attached on the upper left side.
  • Hem hem fold 2 cm

Operating Room Pants Features:

  • Elastic waist, overlocked inner seams and 2 cm hem fold
  • In all stitches to be sewn, threads are used in quality and durability that do not leave residue, do not wear out during washing, and do not discolor.
  • Colors are made of non-fading indanthrene dye.

Terikoton Fabric Features:

  • Weaving Density: Weft 32, Warp 41
  • Weight per square meter 110 gr/m2
  • Tensile Strength: Weft 40 (kgf/5 cm), Warp 50 (kgf/5 cm)
  • Width 150 cm (+-2% tolerance)

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