Operating Room Green Linen Fabric

  • The fabric is 100% cotton and has a plain weave
  • Fabric Weft density 21+-2 pcs/cm warp density 42+-2 pcs/cm
  • The m2 weight of the fabric: 200 g+-10 grams.
  • Width of the fabric: 150+- centimeters.
  • The fabrics are free of defects such as tears, punctures, weft or warp leaks, warp or weft bands and stains.
  • The fabric color is green.
  • The fabric is dyed with indraten (cube dyestuff). It has not been weighted with heavyeners, it is autolova resistant.
  • PH value of the fabric is between 5-7.5 (according to TS EN ISO 3071)
  • According to TS 392 EN 25077, the size change of the fabric after washing is maximum 2% in weft direction and maximum 3% in warp direction.
  • The breaking strength of the fabric is at least 690N in warp direction and at least 270N in weft direction according to TS EN ISO 131934-1.
  • Fabrics are delivered in folded pieces of 50 meters and covered with nylon packaging so that each package consists of a single
  • Each fabric package contains cards showing the fabric type and meter.

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