Sheet Satin Striped 210 TC

  • 210 TC %100 Cotton Satin
  • Thread Count: 210 TC – 51 Warp 32 Weft
  • Thread: 40/1
  • Warp: 40/1
  • Grams: 125/m²
  • Weaving: 4/1
  • Sanforizing process is avaible in all fabrics.
  • The seams have a 4-stroke spacing per centimeter to prevent shrinke after washing.
  • Optic white, Gaza, Calender and Mercerized.
  • All white fabrics have undergone Peroxide Bleaching.
  • Sanforizing procress is avaible in all our fabrics.
  • It is 2% – 3% traction after sanforizing.
  • All of our products are indantren dyed.
  • If the instructions for use are followed, the product will not turn yellow until the end of its economic life.

Usage Instruction:

  • It should be washed at 60°C maximum.
  • Mechanical movement normal.
  • Rinse normal.
  • Centrifugal normal.
  • Whitening and stain removal cannot be done with chlorine.
  • Ironing is done with an iron with a maximum temperature of 200 °C on the sole plate.
  • Dry cleaning is not applied.
  • It is not permissible to remove stains with solvents.
  • Drum drying is not applied.

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